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Blood and Steel is a SWTOR guild that started life in Everquest 2 specifically tailored to the working adult and/or parent who cannot afford to spend countless hours on an MMO when life's priorities demand our attention. We are a coalition of dads, mums, and professionals. Our guild offers an adult community that specializes in casual play and who want to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic without the pressures and time demands that other guilds sometimes inadvertently place on their members.
We understand life has its challenges; family, careers, education, etc. All these things must take precedence over MMOs and gaming in general, although we manage to find some way to squeeze it in. As such, no members will be kicked or removed from the guild due to prolonged absence and the game ruining experience of finding a new guild and getting acquainted with new guildies can be avoided forever!
We've been around the MMO scene for 5+ years now in Everquest 2, amongst other games so we think we know what we're doing. Our long term goal is to build new friendships, enjoy the game and do endgame professionally. We are based on Frostclaw EU PvE server.
Guild Policies
1. We believe strongly that since we all pay to play this game, we should have fun. Let's try to keep this guild drama-free. We are always open to feedback and concerns of all guild members, regardless of level or playing experience. If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please talk to an officer so we can address your concerns rather than just venting in guild chat.
2. We understand that real life takes precedence over the game. If you have work or other obligations that affect your schedule, please let us know so we know you are not just being flaky and so we can still include you in guild activities. You can post in the forums or contact an officer in game
3. Raidcall is required for raiding, but we also encourage all our members to download it, get a microphone, and join us on raidcall. We are generally on raidcall even when we are not raiding. This allows us all get to know each other much better and makes our guild much more social. (If you have questions or need help with raidcall, please ask a guild officer.)
4 Recruitment: If you have a friend or group with someone who you think would be a good addition and wants to join our guild, please direct them to the site. They will find important information there about the guild and new members, as well as a link to the online application. Please remind any friends you refer to mention your name in their application!.

Guild News
Soa Kill
By Mataoh, Apr 12, 12 6:12 PM


EV cleared an KP almost there
By Mataoh, Apr 9, 12 6:01 PM

so heres some more screens of our latest success we have now cleared EV on normal and have started in on KP normal. forgot the soa shot shall grab it thursday

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Blood and Steel's Latest Kills
By Mataoh, Mar 26, 12 6:44 PM

Heres Some Screenshots of our latest kill's.


Our Latest KillsRead More

Eternity Vault First Run
By Mataoh, Mar 12, 12 7:22 PM

ok it was a tough night first time in more healers than dps, were on the ropes people dying left right and centre, but we finally got

Annihilation Droid XRR-3 down.

 ... Read More

SWTOR Game Update 1.1.
By Mataoh, Jan 16, 12 6:51 PM

Heres whats planned for after game update 1.1.">... Read More

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